Ricky Martin changes words in his song from ‘she’ to ‘he’ during concert

While the gay Puerto Rican pop star was performing at a concert in Morocco, he changed the pronouns in one of his songs to reflect his sexuality

Ricky Martin changes words in his song from ‘she’ to ‘he’ during concert
14 June 2014

Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin changed the word ‘she’ to ‘he’ while performing one of his biggest hits at a concert in Morocco.

Martin was performing on 6 June at the Marwazine music festival in Morocco, and one of the songs he chose to perform was his 1999 hit ‘She’s All I Ever Had.’

In the original video, we see Martin kissing and caressing a female model and the lyrics tell of a man missing a woman.

However, in his performance last week Martin seemed to give a slightly updated version of the song.

During the song, Martin changed the words from ‘she’ to ‘he’ for the climax of the song.

The song was originally released in 1999, over ten years before he publicly came out as gay in 2010 on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Since coming out of the closet, Martin has been vocal about his experiences as a gay man. From confessing he used to bully gay children when he was younger, to being honoured by equality group GLAAD for promoting gay issues.

During his rendition of ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’, two fans held up a gay pride flag in the crowd, which Martin caught sight of.

‘What a beautiful rainbow flag right there!’ he said.

Same-sex activity is illegal in Morocco; anyone found guilty of having gay sex can face a jail sentence from six months to three years.

Other musicians taking part in the festival were Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo and Alicia Keys.

Martin, who has two children, recently admitted he wishes he was able to come out all over again because the moment was so special.

Watch the clip of Martin performing at Marwazine festival here. At the end of the clip you will hear him change the word ‘she’ to ‘he’.



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