Ricky Martin has clever way of covering when he forgets line in Evita

Singer starts cursing in Spanish and Broadway audience buys it

Ricky Martin has clever way of covering when he forgets line in Evita
17 August 2012

Five months into his run as Che in the Broadway revival of Evita, Ricky Martin employed a secret trick he used when he forgot his lines one night.

He started cursing in Spanish.

‘The cool thing was, I got a standing ovation,’ the singer told Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s Late Night.

The incident occurred earlier in the run when Martin was in the middle of a very serious scene. A man in the audience began shouting, ‘What is going on here?"

‘I don’t know what he meant but apparently he was really drunk,’ Martin said.

The actor was so discombobulated by the interruption that when it came time for his next scene, he was unable to remember the lines. He then remembered the director’s advice in case this were to occur: just start cursing in Spanish.

‘I have mad respect for the Broadway community,’ Martin told Fallon. ‘It’s eight shows a week, you grow as an actor. You have to be really focused and if you miss it, everyone will find out. You feel very vulnerable.’



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