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Ricky Martin tweets out the cover of his upcoming children's book

Father of twins has written Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars

Maybe Ricky Martin was looking for something to read to his 5-year-old twin boys before bedtime?

The openly gay pop star has added children's book author to his resume and on Monday (16 September) tweeted the cover of his forthcoming book Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars.

'Exciting news! Here is the cover of my 1st children's book, out Nov 14th!' Martin wrote.

The book, illustrated by Patricia Castelao, tells the story of a kid named Santiago whose biggest dream is to be on the stage.

But he's begins to experience self-doubt after failing to land the lead in the school play. But Santiago is lucky: he has the support of a father who believes in his son's potential.

Santiago is encouraged to follow his dreams and is able to rebuild his confidence.

While this is Martin's first children's book, it's not his first book. The four-time Grammy winner released hos autobiography, Me, in 2010.

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