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Gay advocate responds to right-wing call to ban him from Fox News

Anti-gay groups such as Liberty Counsel and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays want to bar Wayne Besen from the US network
Right-wing groups are urging Fox News to ban gay rights advocate Wayne Besen after Family Rights Council shooting.

Several anti-gay Christian groups are trying to ban a gay rights advocate from Fox News.

Anti-gay groups such as Liberty Counsel and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays want the US conservative network to ban Wayne Besen, a former Human Rights Campaign spokesman.

A press release, published on Christian Newswire, says: ‘In light of last week’s attempted murder of employees at the Family Research Council (FRC), we pro-family organizations ask Fox News to discontinue guest appearances by homosexual agitator Wayne Besen on the popular O’Reilly Factor TV show.

‘Besen has a long history of slandering conservative groups and the ex-gay community in language that foments hatred and undermines civil discourse.’

The creator of Truth Wins, which defends the gay community from misinformation attacks, Besen is described in the statement as a ‘radical homosexual activist known for employing inflammatory and hateful language in the service of promoting lies.’

In response, Besen said: ‘I have never been more proud of my career accomplishments than I am today. It has been said that the friends and foes accrued over a lifetime can be used as a measure of the man.

‘Given the coalition of homophobes and hate groups that viciously attacked me today, I feel my life’s work has been vindicated and validated.’

He wanted to thank Bill O’Reilly and his producers for ignoring the statement, saying the groups are a ‘motley crew that has sullied the nation’s discourse and lowered the tenor of the debate in America.’

The right-wing groups also blamed people like Besen for causing last week’s shooting at FRC’s headquarters.

Besen said: ‘It is improper, if not a tad unseemly, for this group to cravenly exploit the tragic shooting.’

Truth Wins Out was one of the first pro-gay companies to condemn the shooting, releasing a statement saying: ’In America we settle political differences through robust debate in the public square, not with violence.’

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