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Right-wing youth leader calls for gay propaganda ban in France

A 25-year-old rising star of the National Front party has defended Russia's anti-gay laws saying any negative reports are 'complete nonsense'
Julien Rochedy is the right-wing youth leader of National Front, and is defending gay propaganda laws in Russia.
Photo by National Front.

A right-wing youth leader is calling for a gay propaganda ban in France.

Julien Rochedy, 25, of the National Front demanded a similar law to Russia be introduced.

‘What I know is that the law bans LGBT propaganda in schools. That is their priority, and yes I would like that,’ he said in a radio interview.

‘Why not have it? Why not have it in the streets as well?’

When told Russia has seen several arrests, suicides and murders since the law was introduced, Rochedy said that was ‘complete nonsense’.

Rochedy, known as the ‘beau bigot’, is the rising star of the extreme right party.

This ‘petit Putin’ is often trotted out to argue on right-wing National Front social policies, known for his ability to seduce young voters.

The party is recovering after suffering a major loss last year after same-sex marriage and adoption was passed into law.

Speaking in 2011, National Front’s leader Marine Le Pen said: ‘I am totally opposed to gay marriage and Ithink that only a minority are for it anyway.

Adding: ‘Gay pride events with its parades are, as a general rule, provocations against other people, noticeably Catholics.’

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