Rihanna performs topless in new music video

Where Have You Been splashes with provocative moves, African themes and a house music backdrop

Rihanna performs topless in new music video
30 April 2012

Global pop-star Rihanna has released the video to her new single Where Have You Been. 

The songstress recently sparked controversy about her sexuality after Tweeting about going in a date with a woman.

Paying an homage to Johnny Cash with the first line 'I've been everywhere,' Rihanna's latest video is reminiscent of Janet Jackson's Together Again showing African tribal motifs and some involved choreography.

This single off her album Talk That Talk was produced by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, who also produced her first single We Found Love.

Rihanna said she hopes to release a seventh album later this year.

The 24-year-old Bajan superstar will be performing at the London 2012 Olympic games along with confirmed entertainers Jay-Z, Florence + The Machine and Jack White.

Watch Where Have You Been here:



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