Rio de Janeiro state legalizes gay marriage

A high court judge in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has passed a ruling authorizing gay marriag in the Brazilian state

Rio de Janeiro state legalizes gay marriage
19 April 2013

The General Magistrate of Justice of Rio de Janeiro state, Judge Valmir de Oliveira Silva, published a legal ruling authorizing gay marriage in the state

Rio de Janeiro has become today (April 19) the 11th state of Brazil to institute marriage equality.

The other states being: São Paulo, Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Alagoas, Sergipe, Piauí, Ceará and the Federal District of Brazilia.

The ruling, published in the state’s official notification a few hours ago today, stated that it found the existing legal provisions [i.e. no marriage equality] unconstitutional and in breach of the Federal Supreme Court’s previous ruling on gay marriage.

The ruling recognizes ‘the stable union between persons the same sex as a family unit, assigning to homosexual cohabitants the same rights and duties arising … as … heterosexual, with immediate … [and] binding effect’.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Rio de Janeiro gay psychoanalyst and human rights advocate, Danilo Jung said: ‘In May 2011 the gay marriages was recognized unanimously by the Supreme Federal Court which paved the way for civil marriage equality.

‘However, in Rio de Janeiro state, the judge responsible for the 1st Court of Public Registry of Rio, remained opposed and did not authorize the gay marriage in the state.

‘Today the General Magistrate of Justice finally passed a ruling that has enabled marriage equality throughout the state.

‘It’s time to celebrate and leave behind intolerance and obscurity’.

Commenting on the news, Claudio Nascimento, the state’s for social assistance and human rights said: ‘This is a great victory.

‘The achievement was due to several people and actions; we filed a peition last year requesting the state to take action.

‘The state’s federal deputy Jean Wyllys also filed a request.

‘Finally, the Department of Special Projects of the state’s high court filed a process.

‘These three actions made the victory by the state’s high court possible.

‘Viva Rio! Long live the struggle for LGBT rights!

‘In the coming days we will announce the first gay civil marriage ceremony in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate this victory’.



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