Road sign in Utah reads ‘God Hates Gays’

An illuminated road sign in Provo, Utah, was allegedly hacked and reprogrammed to display 'God Hates Gays'

Road sign in Utah reads ‘God Hates Gays’
10 August 2012

‘God Hates Gays’, read an allegedly hacked road sign on University Avenue in Provo, Utah on Tuesday night (7 August).

It is believed that someone hacked into the unsecured message board and reprogrammed it to show the homophobic message.

‘I don’t know what the motivation was, but [the person] would have had to physically walk up to the sign in order to change the message’, Leigh Dethman, spokeswoman for the I-15 corridor expansion project, told the Huffington Post.

The sign was removed around 5.30am on Wednesday (8 August), but not before it was caught on video by Annie Frewin who was on her way home from work.

Frewin, who posted the video of the sign on YouTube, said in the video description that she had to record it as she felt ‘this was messed up’.

‘If it was about anything else, it would already have been taken down’, Frewin later wrote on her Facebook wall.

However, Provo City public information officer Helen Anderson has stepped up to defend the city’s attitude towards gays.

‘This is not a Provo City sign and of course it does not reflect the opinion of the city,’ she told NY Daily News.

‘People are stepping up and saying, “Hey, this doesn’t represent us."’

‘I personally find it very offensive. Despite every effort to prevent it, sometimes signs like this get hacked,’ she continued.

UDOT, the traveller information provider in Utah, is currently carrying out investigations, although they have noted that it might be difficult to find the culprit as there were no video surveillance cameras in that area.

The video put up by Annie Frewin can be viewed below:



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