Robbie Williams: ‘I am 49% gay’

Former Take That star has caused controversy for saying that he is half gay because he likes musicals

Robbie Williams: ‘I am 49% gay’
29 November 2013

Take That star Robbie Williams has revealed he believes he is ‘49% gay’.

The British singer, who has previously claimed he would like to have had a fling with a man when he was younger, has said he identifies with gay men because he ‘loves musicals’.

‘I love musical theatre and a lot of other things that are often associated with gays,’ he told the Daily Star.

‘I am 49% homosexual and sometimes as far as 50 per cent. However, that would imply that I enjoy having a particular sort of fun, which I don’t.’

The ‘Angels’ performer recently described himself as a straight man posing as gay.

‘There is a history of gay people pretending to be straight,’ Williams told Australia’s Sydney Telegraph.

‘I want to balance the sides. I’m a straight person pretending to be gay. I’ve had a lot of people to imitate. It’s easy when you’re British, we’re camp by nature anyway.’

Williams’ comments have caused controversy, with one gay columnist calling him ‘100% idiot’.

In an article for The Guardian, Patrick Strudwick said: ‘Let me offer Robbie Williams some guidance: you are nearly half gay if about half the people you desire sexually have the same set of genitals as you and if you spend nearly half your life overwhelmed with love for someone with the same chromosomal wiring.

‘That’s it. Gay men may all like cock, but only a fraction like Cabaret.’



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