Rod Stewart: ‘I’m as heterosexual as they come’

Rocker shoots down longstanding rumor about him and a group of sailors

Rod Stewart: ‘I’m as heterosexual as they come’
24 October 2012

Rod Stewart has fathered eight children from five different women.

And yet, the raspy-voiced rocker has been unable to shake the longstanding rumor that he once landed in the hospital after performing oral sex on too many men in one night.

Katie Couric finally got to the bottom of it when Stewart, 67, guested on her daytime talk show this week to promote his new autobiography.

Couric asked Stewart if it was fact or fiction that he once needed to get his stomach pumped after an encounter with sailors at a gay bar in San Diego.

After an audience member quickly shouted out ‘fact!’ before Stewart could answer he said: ‘Thank you, darling, thank you. Just winding me up aren’t you?’

Then he explained.

‘This is actually what happened. I used to have this guy work for me, he was a gay publicist. He’s dead now so he might be watching. I had to fire him because he did something terrible, which I won’t go into. So, he wanted revenge so he started this rumor about me, and it was horrible because my kids were at school. So that is definitely not true.’

Couric then said: ‘But it just kept going on and on and it became accepted, right?’

Stewart, a two-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, begged to differ.

‘No, it was never accepted,’ he said. ‘I’m as heterosexual as they come.’



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