Romanian parliament committee blocks gay and straight civil unions bill

The Juridicial Commission of Romania’s Chamber of Deputies has unanimously rejected a bill which would have created civil unions for both opposite and same-sex couples – with one MP declaring the proposal to be ‘cultural Marxism’

Romanian parliament committee blocks gay and straight civil unions bill
18 March 2014

Non-married heterosexual couples and same-sex couples in Romania will not be allowed to enter into civil unions after the Juridicial Commission of the country’s Chamber of Deputies rejected a bill unanimously on 5 March.

The bill had previously failed in the Senate where only two senators out of 176 were prepared to vote for the bill – 105 voted against the bill while the remaining senators abstained.

The bill had been put forward by Green Party MP Remus Cernea and aimed to ensure all couples ‘enjoy rights like the right to inheritance, the right to become a co-beneficiary on the other’s health insurance, the right to apply for [housing] loans as joint debtors,’ but was opposed by religious and social conservative MPs – but even MPs from politically left wing parties opposed it.

Socialist Democratic Party member Daniel Florea told the Pro TV channel that he did not see the need for the reform.

‘Their preference is their business,’ Florea said of same-sex couples.

‘We, as lawmakers, believe things are already well-established in existing law.’

Christian Democratic National Peasants Party MP Diana Tusha attacked the bill in parliament, declaring it to be ‘cultural Marxism.’

‘I think we had enough of the harmful 50-year experience of communism, when laws were forcefully imposed on us with no regard for Romanian specifics. There is no need to traumatize further generations in the name of some illusory progress made through alien recipes.

‘Such a recipe is cultural Marxism, represented by Mr. Cernea. It promotes the destruction of family, of myths and symbols and finally it deconstructs human conduct by completely removing the pillars which support it.’

The bill is not completely dead yet though as Cernea could still introduce it directly during the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

However considering the opposition it has faced so far it seems unlikely that the bill would pass then.



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