Rough it up with Out-Fit, America’s LGBT mud run

‘Is that mud in your pants?’ is one of the 15 obstacles you’ll encounter on this 5K physical challenge in support of national LGBT rights

Rough it up with Out-Fit, America’s LGBT mud run
08 November 2013

Flex your muscles, test your stamina and roll in the mud with soon-to-become-friends at Out-Fit, the first national LGBT mud run.

The Out-Fit Challenge ‘is designed by and for members and friends of the LGBT community who aspire to compete, make new connections, and celebrate community via outdoor endurance sports.’

Organizers behind the 5K course with over 15 physically demanding obstacles including ‘Cherry Picker’ and ‘Hello Sailor’ are letting future competitors vote for next year’s host cities.

Visit the Out-Fit website before 15 November to vote for San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Houston, Seattle, Philadelphia or Atlanta to host next year’s events.

‘Given the breakout success of our 2013 events, we have been bombarded with requests to hold the next Out-Fit Challenge event in various cities across the nation,’ said Out-Fit Challenge founder and CEO Tory Fitzgerald.

‘As much as we’d love to bring Out-Fit Challenge to everyone, we decided to leave such a difficult decision to the public.’

The organization also donates portion of ticket sales to ‘charities that are making a significant difference in the lives of LGBT individuals across the nation’ like Family Equality Council, Care Resource and the Ali Forney Center.



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