Rupert Everett calls gay marriages ‘beyond tragic’

Gay actor calls Anglican church 'crusty, old and pathetic', saying: 'Why do queens want to get married in churches?'

Rupert Everett calls gay marriages ‘beyond tragic’
29 September 2012 Print This Article

In another instance of foot-in-mouth disease, gay actor Rupert Everett has called marriages between same-sex couples ‘beyond tragic’.

In an interview with The Guardian, he said: ‘Why do queens want to go and get married in churches?

‘Obviously this crusty old pathetic Anglican church – the most joke-ish church of all jokey churches – of course they don’t want to have queens getting married.

‘It’s kind of understandable that they don’t; they’re crusty old calcified freaks. But why do we want to get married in churches? I don’t understand that, myself, personally.’

Everett said he loathed heterosexual weddings, and the modern trappings like the flowers, wedding dress, cake and the ‘inevitable divorce two years later.’

‘It’s just a waste of time in the heterosexual world, and in the homosexual world I find it personally beyond tragic that we want to ape this institution that is so clearly a disaster,’ he said.

The British actor, who came out as gay 20 years ago, also defended his recent comments about parenting, in which he said he couldn’t think of ‘anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads’.

‘For me, being gay was about wanting to do the opposite of the straight world, so I think that’s where my problems in this particular area come from,’ he said. ‘But that’s me, just me. I’m not having a go at gay couples who do.

‘I think if Elton and David want to have babies, that’s wonderful. I think we should all do what we want.’ 

Everett, who is currently performing as Oscar Wilde in The Judas Kiss, also slammed his recent criticism, saying ‘everything’s sort of turned into al-Qaeda’.

‘David Furnish is probably going to send Patrick Cox with a bomb and blow up the theater,’ he said.



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