Rupert Everett defends controversial comments on gay parents

Openly gay actor defends saying he 'couldn't think of anything worse than gay parents'

Rupert Everett defends controversial comments on gay parents
19 September 2012

Openly gay actor Rupert Everett has defended his controversial comments on gay parenting.

The British actor, who came out 20 years ago, was asked on ITV1’s daytime show This Morning about his recent claim he couldn’t ‘think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.’

Everett said: ‘Listen, the good news on this is I’m not applying for any sort of public office.

‘I don’t want to be a [Member of Parliament], I don’t want to be in the council, I’m just an individual with my own life and the things that I want to do myself.

‘I’m not against anybody doing anything. I think the reason that’s great about living in England, is we can do more or less what we want.

He added: ‘Just I, personally, feel like that. But it doesn’t mean to say,…I have lots of gay friends with children, I have lots of gay friends who have got married, I’ve been to lots of gay weddings, but I’m not big into marriage straight or gay to be honest.

‘I’m very out of kilter with the rest of the world, I realize, but you know, I’m just an individual, I’m not trying to sell anything and I don’t want to upset anyone and I’m not trying to have an official opinion about anything.’

In the Hysteria’s actor’s interview in The Sunday Times, Everett said he agreed with his mother that children need a mother and a father.

He was also promoting his latest book, Vanished Years, which is out 27 September.



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