Rush Limbaugh predicts gay marriage will become legal nationwide in US

But he takes issue with Bill O'Reilly's characterization of gay marriage opponents as 'bible thumpers'

Rush Limbaugh predicts gay marriage will become legal nationwide in US
28 March 2013

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh says gay marriage is coming to all of America sooner of later.

Limbaugh. who has a weekly audience of 15 million, told his listeners on Thursday (28 March) that when it comes to fighting gay marriage, ‘this issue is lost.’

He said ‘it is now inevitable’ that it will become legal for same-sex couples in the US to marry regardless of the outcome of this week’s Supreme Court hearings challenging the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8.

On Wednesday, Limbaugh had said gay marriage opponents are being told ‘the country is changing and you better get with it and understand it. The genie is not getting put back in the bottle.’

‘And I think that’s right,’ he added. ‘I don’t care what this court does with this particular ruling, Proposition 8. I think the inertia is clearly moving in the direction that there is going to be gay marriage at some point nationwide.’

But Limbaugh takes issue with fellow conservative Bill O’Reilly’s characterization on Fox News’s The O’Reilly Factor this week of gay marriage opponents who he said have done nothing but ‘thump the bible.

Limbaugh said to his listeners Wednesday: ‘So how many of you who watch Fox are Bible thumpers? Do you think there are any Bible thumpers that watch Fox? Because last night you were sort of marginalized on The Factor as not having a compelling argument and just being a bunch of Bible thumpers.’



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