Russia censors gay book honoring icons from Elton to Tchaikovsky

Lawyer demands the removal of a LGBT history book, saying the book cover appears as if it was 'deliberately designed for children'

Russia censors gay book honoring icons from Elton to Tchaikovsky
16 August 2013

Russia is to remove a history book about famous LGBT people from shop shelves out of ‘propaganda’ fears.

The Saratov region has demanded the removal of ‘They Changed The World… GAYS,’ celebrating well known public figures such as Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as Russia’s own Tchaikovsky.

According to local media, lawyer Alexander Lelikov claimed he discovered the book in a store where children could easily see it.

‘The book is as if deliberately released as confectionary designed for children, it has a bright cover and nice glossy paper.’

Lelikov added: ‘The common theme in the book is that it asks, “Why are the writers, musicians and composers in the book so talented and well known?”

‘Why? It’s because they are gay.’

While the lawyer said he had no problem with the artists themselves, he said it would be better if the book was removed from all shop shelves entirely.

State Duma deputy Olga Batalina has supported raids in the Saratov region, promising to fine book stores heavily if they catch them supporting gay literature.

Earlier this year, there were calls for Elton John to ‘censor’ his normal flamboyant outfits at Russian concerts out of fears they could be ‘gay propaganda’.

Politicians suggested instead of sparkly glasses and feather boas, perhaps ‘most respectable’ traditional Cossack clothes would be better for the gigs.

It also follows Russian bookstores decided to put a sticker saying ’18+’ on a children’s book with a gay character.



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