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Russia makes first gay arrests of Sochi Olympics

Four gay rights activists, including one pregnant woman, have reportedly been arrested in St Petersburg

Russia has made the first arrests of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.

Four gay rights activists, including one pregnant woman, were arrested in St Petersburg today.

LGBTI advocate Anastasia Smirnova led the group holding a banner, according to the Russian LGBT network.

It said: ‘Discrimination is incompatible with the Olympic Movement. Principle 6. Olympic Charter.'

Speaking to Gay Star News, a police spokesman confirmed the arrests and said they would be held until further notice. They could answer no further questions at this time. 

The arrest follows after a pair of Russian activists with the group Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality held a brief demonstration at the Olympic countdown clock in St Petersburg two days ago.

They held banners comparing the Sochi Winter Games with the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Germany.

Police were made aware of the protests even before they began and detained several activists.

The world is watching Russia as Sochi Winter Olympics begins today. Several athletes are a part of the Principle 6 movement, urging the International Olympic Committee to realize that discrimination is not a part of the Olympic charter.

Some have said they will pay tribute to this by holding up six fingers when a camera is on them.

Principle 6 reads: 'Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.'

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