Russia pin-up wants anti-gay law to ban promoting straight sex too

Former opera singer and model turned MP failed in her bid to amend the homophobic law

Russia pin-up wants anti-gay law to ban promoting straight sex too
17 June 2014

The State Duma has refused to extend the anti-gay law to ban promoting all forms of sex.

Lawmakers rejected a bill proposed by deputy Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs, of United Russia.

The former opera singer and model, who once posed for pictures like this, this and this (NSFW), proposed to amend the law passed last June.

She said any propaganda of any sex would be ‘harmful to the development of children’.

Under the proposal, it would have been made illegal to ‘promote’ any forms of sexual relations to the ‘detriment of family life or damning children’s spiritual and intellectual development.’

The bill would have made it possible to fine media outlets, cinemas, websites and any other organization that published such information.

It could have even led to singers fined for performing in sexually provocative clothing.

‘I believe that there should be a strong family and strong Russia, and this is possible only if we have in the country will remain the traditional family, so initially supported the bill,’ the member of parliament said, according to Interfax.

The committee, which heard the suggestion, rejected it saying the law already bans promoting ‘non-traditional relations’ to minors.



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