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Russia drafts bill to remove children from gay parents

Plans are being drawn up to put homosexuality as grounds for denying custody of a child, along with alcoholism, violence, and abuse
A Russian lawmaker is putting forward a bill to remove children from gay parents.

A Russia lawmaker has proposed a bill to remove children from gay parents.

Alekei Zhuravlev, the deputy of the Russian State Duma, has proposed amendments to the Family Code.

Under the new bill, having a ‘non-traditional sexual orientation’ will be a basis for denying custody to gay people.

Other grounds include alcoholism, drug use, a history of violence, insanity and abuse.

Zhuravlev, the author of the child custody bill, has said homosexual ‘propaganda’ must be banned not only in public spaces ‘but also in the family’.

In June, the State Duma voted unanimously in favor of the ‘gay propaganda’ federal law, ensuring no child learns gay people should be equal to heterosexuals.

Another law passed was a ban on the adoption of children by people – gay or straight – in countries allowing same-sex marriages.

Authors of the bill have justified the suppression of the LGBT community because it is ‘protecting children’.

Elena Mizulina, a sponsor of the federal propaganda bill, accused the West of ‘aggressively imposing’ its social conduct on Russia with its ‘fetishizing of human rights, including those of sexual minorities.’

Back in June, she told a Russian news channel parliament should consider removing children from same-sex couples’ homes as ‘there is a high chance that this child will imitate the behavior of his parents.’

Mikhail Degtyavov, a Duma member and candidate for Moscow mayor, is also reportedly drawing up plans for the government to fund ‘gay cure’ therapy.

It comes as President Vladimir Putin has said gay people are not discriminated against in Russia.

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some of the guys on Camera Boys and places like that are really great guys. there seem to be a majority of them that are Russian. Are they in danger?


If something is not done right away to this idiot, we are going to see another "Auschwitz". They talk about the removal of children from Gay Parents, and it is forbidden to be Gay in the USSR, yes I am calling it the USSR. Wake up world, the 21st Century is going to turn into another killing field, and holocaust of a new nature if the world (who believe in HUMAN RIGHTS) do nothing and remain silent.

Something that no one ever seems to mention, but which must be considered: In 1512 Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation against the Catholic Church in Western Europe. In addition to creating the separation of church and state (as recommended by St. Paul), it also elevated the dignity of the individual "serf" as having value in God's eyes - worthy enough to justify Christ's sacrificial atonement. This emphasis on the individual goes on to become the major cornerstone of Western Civilization and Philosophy. (Which is why Martin Luther is often cited as the second most influential person in Western History, right after Jesus.)

THIS NEVER OCCURRED IN RUSSIA. For an additional 405 years, feudalism continued to stagnate through out Eastern Europe. Even with the Revolution of 1917, the Russian peasant serfs have essentially remained the property of the state. Western ideals of individual "rights" are literally still a foreign concept to most Russians - ones that we in the west are ‘aggressively imposing’ on them.


According to Wikipedia: "The number of Russian children that once lost their parents' support by the end of 2011 was 654,355. This includes 522,802 kids being on fostergage or adopted, and 105,688 kids in orphanages." Putin is taking an already bad situation (and national embarrassment) and making it substantially worse.

Vladimir Putin has for God only knows what reason declared an all out war on the LGBTQ community in his country. It is useless to speculate on his reasons. If he is seeking to provoke the more forward-looking and progressive nations of the world he is having a signal lack of success because if any decent nation had been provoked (and that includes the United States) we would have pulled out of participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics, not for political reasons, but to protect the safety of the LGB athletes (so far as I know there are no trans Olympians as yet; if there are I would love to know who they are) who most certainly will be there competing. I do not believe in throwing Daniel into the lion's mouth, much less its den.

Olympics aside, Putin's policies are not making him a whole lot of friends outside the developing countries of Africa, but neither are they likely to provoke any meaningful action against him and he knows it.

I can only speak for myself. I shall NOT be watching the Sochi Winter Olympics (a pity because the figure skating is my favorite event). I will however be praying that Gay athletes like Johnny Weir and the numerous others who will be there competing will all return safely to their homes when the Games are over.

Next thing you know they'll putting all gay people in prison including teenagers. I'm ashamed to be living in this African dictatorship.