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Russia schedules bill to remove kids from gay parents

State Duma will discuss bill that will put homosexuality as grounds for denying custody of a child, along with alcoholism, violence, and abuse
An anti-gay propaganda video went viral saying same-sex parents adopt kids so they can rape them.

Russia will officially be considering a bill that will remove children from gay parents next February.

The bill, authored by deputy Alekei Zhuravlev, will amend the Family Code.

Under the new bill, having a ‘non-traditional sexual orientation’ will be a basis for denying custody to gay people.

Other grounds include alcoholism, drug use, a history of violence, insanity and abuse.

In the text of the bill, the parliamentary member argues the Family Code is there to exclude parents that would be neglectful, cruel, violent, and degrade their children’s human dignity.

He says if a parent is an alcoholic, a drug user or a sex worker for example, children cannot fully develop.

Zhuravlev states as children are protected from ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ in the streets, then they should also be protected in the family.

Referencing US religious researcher Mark Regnerus widely discredited study, he said gay people are more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases, be unemployed, and are often ‘addicted to suicide’.

Formally announced in September, the bill surfaced around the same time an anti-gay Russian video went viral.

The propaganda video claimed same-sex couples only adopted children so they could rape them.

However, a top politician and champion of anti-gay laws has said Zhuravlev’s bill will likely fail.

Yelena Mizulina has said: ‘If we imagine that such a bill is passed, it will mean that we actually then arrange some kind of filtering of the total adult population. And it’s not serious.’

In June however, she told a Russian news channel parliament should consider removing children from same-sex couples’ homes as ‘there is a high chance that this child will imitate the behavior of his parents.’

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