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Russian banknote will turn kids gay, says lawmaker

Roman Khudyakov wants the 100 rouble note, worth around $3 or €2, banned or changed under the anti-gay propaganda law
A Russian lawmaker wants a banknote banned under the anti-gay law.

A Russian lawmaker is so terrified children are going to become gay, he now wants to ban the 100-rouble banknote.

The note shows the Greek god Apollo, somewhat disrobed, riding a four-horse chariot atop the Bolshoi Theater – one of Russia’s main cultural symbols.

Roman Khudyakov, a member of parliament for the nationalist LDPR party, now wants the note, worth around $3 or €2, banned under the anti-gay law.

‘You can see clearly that Apollo is naked, you can see his genitalia,’ he told Reuters TV.

‘I submitted a parliamentary request and forwarded it directly to the head of the central bank asking for the banknote to be brought into line with the law protecting children and to remove this Apollo.’

The law ‘protecting children’ he is referring to is the law banning the promotion of ‘gay propaganda’ to minors.

The central bank had no immediate comment.

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This man is looking at the 100 ruble bill and seeing something sexual in it... That is all that needs to be said.

He must have an orgasm when he sees Michelangelo's David.

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