Russian lawmaker: Gay activists must die for ‘extremism’

'Gay propaganda' law co-sponsor says he is unconcerned about a US visa ban, saying: 'I've spoken to US politicians, and they support my stance'

Russian lawmaker: Gay activists must die for ‘extremism’
14 August 2013

A Russian lawmaker has said a gay activist must die for his ‘extremism’.

Vitaly Milonov, co-sponsor of the ‘non-traditional relationships’ law, demanded the arrest of a young gay man Cyril Kalugin.

Earlier this month, Kalugin was held by police for holding a poster during at a peaceful gay rights protest that said ‘Sodom in every home’.

Milonov, furious he was let go, said he must be arrested for extremist terrorist activities.

‘Either he is mentally ill or well-paid,’ he said, as reported by Bait and translated by Gay Star News.

‘There are things that are unacceptable. We have monitored the activities of this activist, and I believe that we must discourage and punish these provocative acts.’

Kalugin is not concerned about Milonov. He said the slogan ‘Sodom in every home’ is just a call to educate all Russians about LGBT people without the distortion of the facts – the propaganda – by Vladimir Putin’s parliament.

He added if he is arrested and sent to prison for terrorism, he said he will not leave the country and seek asylum abroad.

Milonov has been a central figure in the fight for gay rights in Russia, after he authored the original ‘gay propaganda’ bill in St Petersburg before it became federal law.

Responding to claims the International Olympic Committee had received ‘assurances’ the anti-gay laws will be suspended during the Sochi Games, Milonov confirmed gay athletes and tourists will be arrested.

He claimed the law is ‘defending children from the propaganda of non-traditional values’ and nothing to do with ‘the ordinary life of adults’.



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