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Russian ‘Scrubs’ actor who wanted gays burned in ovens resigns after backlash

Ivan Okhlobystin, who also called on Putin to make homosexuality illegal, was called on to be fired by thousands who signed an internet petition
Ivan Okhlobystin has resigned from his mobile creative director post after his homophobic comments.

A Russian actor who wanted gay people to be burned alive in ovens has resigned from a leading post after the backlash.

Ivan Okhlobystin, who has also called on Putin to make homosexuality illegal, has retired from his creative director position at Euroset, Russia’s largest mobile phone retailer.

‘Given the incessant threats, provocations and insults from the sodomites in respect of my friends, associates and their familes, I have insisted I should resign,’ he said.

‘People close to me do not have to suffer from my public position from which I will never give up.’

Closing his post, Okhlobystin said: ‘Sodom and Gomorrah must be destroyed!’

His resignation follows an internet petition calling for the actor to be fired from his position.

Euroset ignored the petition, saying Okhlobystin’s comments reflected his personal opinion and not of the company.

In December last year, he caused an international outrage after the former priest said he would burn all gay people alive in the oven as they were a ‘living danger to my children’.

And a couple of weeks later in January, he said the gay propaganda laws in Russia did not go far enough and called for a ban on sodomy to be introduced.

Okhlobystin, who made a short-lived bid for the presidency in 2011, campaigned on the policy of putting up a new Iron Wall around Russia to start a campaign of ‘cleansing’ and ‘rebuilding the Russian nation’.

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