Russians would prefer to see nudists in public than trans people

Shocking polls have previously revealed that Russians are overwhelmingly in favor of the 'gay propaganda' law, with 5% even saying LGBT people should be 'exterminated'

Russians would prefer to see nudists in public than trans people
23 June 2014 Print This Article

Russians would prefer to see nudists in public than trans people, according to new research.

Only 8% of people were ‘sympathetic’ or ‘tolerant’ of seeing a trans person, polling organization the Levada Center told Gay Star News.

The highest support went up to 10% for people aged between 18 and 24.

With nudists, support was marginally higher with an average of 18% saying they were sympathetic or tolerant.

33% had no opinion on naturists, with only 23% having a neutral view on tran people.

Levada Center questioned 1,600 people in 45 Russian regions for the poll.

This is not the first poll to question Russian views on LGBTI rights.

In research conducted last year, 85% of Russians said they were strongly against same-sex marriage and 87% were opposed to Gay Pride.

Only 5% said they support same-sex marriage and 6% said they were in favor of LGBTI events being held in public.

But some even had stronger opinions, with 16% saying gay people should be isolated from society, 22% saying ‘gay cure’ treatments should be compulsory and 5% believing all LGBT people should be ‘exterminated’.



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