Russia’s parliament votes to ban gay foreign couples from adopting orphans

Lawmaker says kids adopted by gays are 'seriously traumatized'

Russia’s parliament votes to ban gay foreign couples from adopting orphans
18 June 2013

The lower house of Russia’s parliament on Tuesday (18 June) gave initial approval to a measure that would ban gay people from foreign countries from adopting Russian orphans.

The measure, the latest in the series of recent anti-gay laws in the country – must pass another reading on Friday but is expected to won approval. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he would sign the measure into law.

The ban would apply to same-sex married couples from foreign countries or single people from countries where gay marriage is legal. Americans are already banned from adopting orphans from Russia.

Sergei Zheleznyak, a deputy speaker of the lower house, spoke in support of the measure saying: ‘A child must have a mom and dad because the child gets reared and educated about the world in a family. If a child ends up brought up by a gay couple, the child of course is seriously traumatized and develops a distorted notion of the surrounding reality.’

It was Putin who called for the gay adoption ban back in March. He had instructed the government and Supreme Court to prepare amendments to the current procedure by 1 July.



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