Ryanair air steward stole duty free products to sell on eBay

Gay cabin crew supervisor, Thomas Crayston, given community order and told to compensate Ryanair for thefts

Ryanair air steward stole duty free products to sell on eBay
26 November 2012

A gay cabin crew supervisor stole duty free make-up and perfumes from Ryanair flights he worked on, then sold the products on eBay.

Thomas Crayston, 27, flew on the budget European airline from Birmingham Airport for six years.

But this year his bosses started to notice that luxury make-up and perfumes kept going missing from flights when he was on shift.

And Crayston incriminated himself when he posted a picture of his haul on eBay.

West Midlands Police arrested him in Birmingham Airport’s car park on 23 October and, when interviewed, he admitted the thefts.

Prosecutors said he had been taking the products, including Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Perfume and Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch Concealer, for nearly a year.

But magistrates in Solihull heard how he had not needed the cash he made on eBay but rather that stealing the goods had become a habit.

The products are supplied by Alpha, a national firm that fills the air steward’s trollies and bills Ryanair according to how much is sold.

Crayston was given a 12-month community order with 60 hours unpaid work by the magistrates on Friday (23 November).

He was ordered to pay £820 compensation to Ryanair, plus £85 prosecution costs, after admitting a charge of theft.

Crayston lives with his husband in Tamworth, in Staffordshire, and no longer works for Ryanair.



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