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São Paulo marries its first gay couple

Mario Domingos Grego, 46, and Gledson Perrone Cordeiro, 32, became the first homosexual couple, not already in a civil union, to be married in Brazil's largest city
Mario Domingos Grego and Gledson Perrone Cordeiro became the first gay couple to wed in Sao Paulo without registering in a civil union first.

SãoPaulo celebrated yesterday its first gay marriage without judicial intervention.

Mario Domingos Grego and Gledson Perrone Cordeiro exchanged vows in one of the SãoPaulo's notary offices, wearing t-shirts imprinted with their photographs and a message calling for marriage equality.

This marks the first time a same-sex couple registered as married in the city without having to be registered first as a civil union.

On 5 May 2011, Brazil's Supreme Federal Court granted same-sex couples in stable partnerships the same rights as straight couples, and on 27 June 2011, a judge in SãoPaulo converted for the first time a same-sex civil union into a same-sex marriage.

From that point, a resolution was passed to permit other same-sex civil unions be transferred to marriage status.

'It was exciting,' said Grego at his marriage ceremony.

'We finally conquered a right that we were trying to achieve years ago'. 

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