Sacked cop on a rampage has vendetta against Asians and lesbians

Dismissed Los Angeles Police officer and suspected multiple murderer Christopher Dorner wrote in his manifesto that he has a special animosity for lesbian and Asian police officers

Sacked cop on a rampage has vendetta against Asians and lesbians
08 February 2013

A former LAPD police officer who is suspected of launching a one-man war against his former colleagues wrote in an online manifesto that lesbian and Asian police officers would be special targets for him.

‘Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority … to degrade male officers,’ Dorner wrote in sections of his online manifesto that have been made public by the media, ‘You are a high value target.’

‘Those Asian officers who stand by and observe everything I previously mentioned … You are a high value target as well.’

Dorner named over 40 people he held a personal vendetta against in the manifesto, but it is believed he sees any police officers or their family members as potential targets.

Dorner reportedly blames the LAPD for what he believes was his unfair dismissal in September of 2008 after the department determined that he had made false claims against a fellow officer.

So far Dorner has killed one police officer and wounded two others following the shootings of his initial victims on Saturday – Monica Quan, 28, and fiancee Keith Lawrence, 27.

Monica’s father, Randy Quan, is a retired LAPD officer turned lawyer who represented Dorner during his dismissal.

Dorner blames his dismissal for his falling out with friends and family members and it is believed that Dorner saw taking away Randy’s daughter and fiancee as a form of pay back for that.

Dorner, a former Navy reservist, also sent a package to openly gay CNN host Anderson Cooper containing a DVD of court testimony from an appeal to his dismissal and a commemorative coin given to him by former LA Police Chief William J Bratton with a note reading ‘Thanks, but no thanks Will Bratton.’

Bratton has told Cooper he must have given Dorner the coin prior to his Navy reserve deployment to Bahrain but did not remember Dorner standing out.

Dorner’s burning truck was found yesterday, abandoned and burning, on the side of California’s Bear Mountain and a manhunt is continuing.



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