Sam Sparro wants to work with Kylie

'Black and Gold' singer says he hopes Adam Lambert's record connects with UK audience

Sam Sparro wants to work with Kylie
20 June 2012

Gay singer Sam Sparro has said he wants to collaborate with gay icon Kylie Minogue.

In a recent interview with UK entertainment website Digital Spy, the ‘Black And Gold’ singer says watching the pop princess in her latest music video inspired him.

He said: ‘I want to do a track with Kylie. ‘Timebomb’ is a great track and the video is very 90s in the best possible way.’

Sparro, who recently worked with gay American pop star Adam Lambert on his record Trespassing, admitted that he ‘loves’ the record, adding: ‘It’s a great pop album.

‘I’m so pleased it’s topped the charts in America, and I hope it connects with the UK because he deserves it. His fanbase is crazy.’

He also admitted to fancying LMFAO, the shufflers behind megahits Party Rock Anthem and Sexy And I Know It.

Sparro won Outstanding Music Artist at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2009.

His new album Return To Paradise is out now.

Watch the video for Sam Sparro’s latest single I Wish I Never Met You here:  



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