Same-sex couples win adoption rights for partners’ children in Portugal

Portuguese parliament votes for partial adoption law for same-sex couples but stops short of full equality

Same-sex couples win adoption rights for partners’ children in Portugal
17 May 2013

Portugal’s Parliament has voted in favour of limited gay and lesbian adoption.

The new law will allow those in same-sex couples to adopt their partner’s biological or adopted child.

Ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP) supported the bill along with the Socialist Party (SP). It won with 99 votes in favour to 94 against with nine absentees.

Although same-sex marriage has been legal in Portugal since 2010 the new law will not allow same-sex married couples to adopt a child together.

In the vote 104 were against fully equal same-sex adoption rights while 77 voted in favor with 21 absentees.

Portugal was one of the first 10 countries to legalize same-sex marriage and is one of a few to put rulings on sexuality into its constitution.



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