Same-sex marriage could be worth $181.6 million to Texas

The University of California Los Angeles’ Williams Institute has crunched the numbers and figures legalizing same-sex marriage in Texas would generate $181.6 million in spending in the state over three years

Same-sex marriage could be worth $181.6 million to Texas
25 July 2014

Independent think tank the Williams Institute has released a report finding that, even using conservative numbers, legalizing same-sex marriage in Texas could generate $14.8 million in sales tax revenue to state and local governments.

According to the US Census 46,401 same-sex couples live in cohabiting relationships in the state of Texas and the Williams Institute calculated the numbers based on only half of those marrying in the next three years if same-sex marriage becomes legal.

The Williams Institute believe over 14,848 marriages would occur in the first year that same-sex marriage became legal, and would generate up to $116 million in spending in the state that year.

The Williams Institute calculated that that level of spending would create up to 1,570 full and part time new jobs in the state and see as much as $181.6 million of additional spending in the state in the first three years that same-sex marriage was legal that would otherwise not be spent.

Williams Distinguished Scholar MV Lee Badgett said the research showed that same-sex marriage could be of immense benefit to a state like Texas.

‘This study confirms that all Texans benefit from marriage for same-sex couples, not just the LGBT community,’ Badgett said.

Williams senior counsel Christy Mallory said that this report was only the latest in a string of research showing same-sex couples being allowed to marry made financial sense for US states.

‘Study after study has demonstrated that, in addition to significant revenue, marriage for same-sex couples also creates new jobs,’ Mallory said.

A poll released by the University of Texas released in April found that 48% of Texans support the legalization of same-sex marriage while 47% remain opposed.

However the administration of Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry remains opposed to same-sex couples being allowed to marry and his administration is fighting the issue in the courts despite his state’s ban being twice declared unconstitutional.



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