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San Diego's gay interim mayor Todd Gloria doesn't want the job for good

Says he needs to focus on fixing problems at city hall rather than election
Photo: Twitter

Todd Gloria, who has been San Diego's interim mayor for less than a week, announced today that he will not be seeking the job on a permanent basis.

The openly gay Gloria is filling in for the scandal-plagued Bob Filner who resigned last month as part of the settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Gloria, 35, said in a statement: 'In the few days since I assumed the duties of mayor, it has become clear to me that the problems left by Bob Filner are substantial and serious.'

He said it will be an 'enormous task' to clean up city hall as well as continuing to represent the city's third district which includes the city's popular gay neighborhood of Hillcrest where Gloria lives.

'San Diegans can count on me to lead our city with honesty and integrity,' he stated. 'We will resolve the problems left by the previous administration ... My parents taught me to leave things better than I found them.'

Gloria became interim mayor because he is City Council president.

During his months as mayor, Gloria has promised a 'top down review' of all city departments, 'swift action' on items that have 'languished' on Filner's desk for months now, and weekly media briefings 'to assure transparency and accountability.'

He was first elected to the nine-member council in 2008 then re-elected last year. He was unanimously elected council president by his colleagues at the start of his second term.

Gloria is not be San Diego's first openly gay mayor. The first was Toni Akins in 2005 who ascended to the post in similar circumstances.

Atkins was acting mayor for more than four months following the resignations Mayor Dick Murphy and then Acting Mayor Michael Zucchet.

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