Sara Gilbert says gay celebrities can feel extra pressure to stay together because of marriage equality fight

'There's this feeling of, "Oh, we're representing this bigger cause"'

Sara Gilbert says gay celebrities can feel extra pressure to stay together because of marriage equality fight
12 June 2013

As the gay member of the panel of the CBS daytime show The Talk, Sara Gilbert was asked this week to weigh in on whether gay couples feel more pressure to stay together because of the marriage equality fight.

She said they do – and famous gays even more so.

‘With gay celebrities in particular, there’s so much attention when you get engaged or you get married that you feel there’s all these extra eyes on you,’ she said. ‘So I can see where you feel extra pressure even if you shouldn’t.’

The topic was brought up in the context of Glee star Jane Lynch announcing this week that she is ending her three-year marriage to Dr. Lara Embry. Gilbert, who has two children with a former partner, announced her engagement to musician Linda Perry earlier this year.

‘Even if you are straight, as soon as you’re engaged or married there’s more pressure because you’ve made this sort of public announcement,’ Gilbert said. ‘Even though there shouldn’t be even more pressure on gay couples, I think there could be because there’s this fight for marriage equality right now.’

She added: ‘Even though, of course, everyone tries at marriage, everyone cannot succeed in their relationships. There’s this feeling like, "Oh, we’re representing this bigger cause." So I can see somebody feeling personal pressure even if they shouldn’t.’



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