Savage takes Brown’s debate bait

NOM's Brian Brown challenges Dan Savage to a debate; Savage glady accepts

Savage takes Brown’s debate bait
05 May 2012

Turn off the phones. Put the children to bed, gather all your friends and grab that favorite snack. Dan Savage has accepted the debate challenge from the National Organization for Marriage.

Brian Brown, the president of the anti-gay marriage organization, made the offer on a 3 May blog post.

‘Let me lay down a public challenge to Dan Savage right here and now: You want to savage the Bible? Christian morality? Traditional marriage? Pope Benedict? I’m here, you name the time and the place and let’s see what a big man you are in a debate with someone who can talk back. It’s easy to make high-school girls cry by picking on them. Let’s pick on someone our own size!’

The rest of the post discussed the alleged violence traditional marriage advocates face, and argued Savage and President Barack Obama are political allies.

Brown, and other Christian conservatives, are incensed at the columnist for his talk at the National High School Journalist Conference. A number of Christian students walked out of his speech; his repsonse to them has been a hot political topic for the past week.

The creator of the It Gets Better Project responded with his standard flair.

‘I will name the time and the place, per your offer, as soon as possible. Looking forward to it, NOMnuts,’ Savage wrote yesterday (4 May).



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