Scissor Sisters announce Magic Hour album

American Filthy/Gorgeous band spawned from New York gay scene also releasing single Only The Horses

Scissor Sisters announce Magic Hour album
13 March 2012

The Scissor Sisters, famous for their song Filthy/Gorgeous, are to release a new album, called Magic Hour on 28 May, preceded by Calvin Harris produced single Only The Horses a week earlier.

The band was ‘spawned by the scuzzy, gay nightlife scene of New York’ and took their name from a sexual position between two women.

Speaking about the track, openly gay lead singer Jake Shears said: ‘When we wrote Only The Horses, I immediately knew that Calvin would help knock it out of the park.’

Describing the rest of the album, he added: ‘It's a sweet joyful melange of beat driven future-pop. It style hops all over the place unabashedly.’

The band – completed by Babydaddy, Del Marquis, Ana Matronic and Randy Real – have already previewed one song which will be included on the album, Shady Love, released at the beginning of the year as a free download.

Magic Hour is the band's fourth album, following 2010’s Night Work, and includes collaborations with producers Pharrell Williams, Diplo, Boys Noize and rapper Azealia Banks.

Ana has previously said the album will be closer in style to the band's self titled debut and second record Ta-Dah.

She said: ‘Night Work was the most cohesive album we’ve done whereas the others were a bit of a grab bag.

‘I think this might be going back to being like that. We sometimes say we should do a concept album but we are a concept, we have a philosophy of what we do. We’re stupid – that's our concept!’



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