Scissor Sisters’ ‘kiki’ new word is gay slang hit

The Scissor Sisters have officially introduced a new word into our homosexual phrasebook – Kiki

Scissor Sisters’ ‘kiki’ new word is gay slang hit
19 June 2012

Delicious new word ‘kiki’ is being added to the ever growing list of gay phrases that have embedded themselves into popular culture.

Kiki comes from the Scissor Sisters track, aptly named ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’ from their current Magic Hour album and is perhaps best explained by the band themselves who sing: ‘A kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves. We’re spilling tea and dishing just desserts one may deserve. And though the sun is rising, few may choose to leave.’

While the word has been used for many years in the New York drag/ball scene, mostly because of its use in the film Paris Is Burning, the Scissor Sisters have now brought it to worldwide attention.

Everyone is saying it, as can be seen by Kathy Griffin’s recent retweet to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and Cher.

‘Jesus, I’m off my phone 4 a few hours:) RT @PerezHilton: @kathygriffin We need to have a kiki with @cher!’ the US comedian tweeted.

And the word Kiki is now being used to describe any party. Well…any party that’s fabulous.

As you can see by the crowd’s reaction to the song at their recent performance in Los Angeles below, everyone wants to have a Kiki honee!

What do you think of Kiki and what are your other favorite gay words?



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