Scotland’s lesbian Tory leader Ruth Davidson splits up with her partner

The UK's first openly gay party leader has split up with her long-term partner

Scotland’s lesbian Tory leader Ruth Davidson splits up with her partner
01 March 2013

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative party, split up with her partner after five-year relationship after the two have grown apart due to hectic work schedules.

Davidson, the UK’s first openly gay political party leader, split from Saskia Halcrow after a five-year relationship.

Davidson who is 34 year-old lived in a flat with Halcrow, also 34, in the Finnieston area of Glasgow, Scotland.

It is understood that Halcrow, a business analyst, moved out of the flat last month.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman told the Daily Express today (1 March): ‘Sadly, Ruth and her partner separated some two months ago and they are now no longer living together.

‘There is no one else involved. Like many couples with hectic working lives, they have simply grown apart. There is no other explanation.

‘They agreed to go their own ways just after the new year.

‘Although Ruth is very sad about the split, it is a mutual thing and both want to remain good friends. It has all been very amicable’.

Davidson is a supporter of gay marriage despite deep divisions within her own party both in Scotland and the UK over the issue.  

The Scottish government is working on a draft bill of gay marriage and is asking the public to respond to a public consulation on the matter.

The consultation closes at 5pm on Wednesday 20 March.



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