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Scott Lively claims Russian anti-gay violence just gay-on-gay violence

Scott Lively, the anti-gay Christian who claims the Nazis were gay, says homophobic persecution directed at Russian LGBTIs is just gay-on-gay violence
Scott Lively

Far-right Christian activist Scott Lively has claimed that homophobic violence against gays in Russia is just gay-on-gay violence, which he says is being perpetrated by butch gay men against effeminate gay men.

Lively made the comments on Linda Harvey’s Mission America radio show on Saturday, saying that all Nazi-style ultra-nationalist groups were homosexual at their core.

‘Russia does have nationalists, these are Nazis, the same as I wrote in the book ‘The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality and the Nazi Party,’ that’s the same thing,’ Lively told Harvey.

‘The guys that are beating up gays in Russia - and it’s not any more prevalent than it ever has been really and it isn’t all that prevalent at all - but the ones that are doing it are butch homosexuals who are beating up effeminate homosexuals, the same thing that happened in Germany; this is gay-on-gay crime, at least that is what it appears to be.’

Lively went on to claim that the ‘United States is becoming a gay Soviet Union’ and ‘collapsing into totalitarianism with a heavy gay emphasis,’ while he said Russia is a great Christian country thanks to its laws suppressing LGBTI rights.

Lively’s comments were uncovered by

There have been a series of degrading attacks on LGBTIs in Russia this year, including where very young gay men have been lured to apartments and humiliated on video tape, believing they were meeting teens who were one or two years under Russia’s age of consent.

Lively’s 1995 book The Pink Swastika claims Germany’s Nazi Party was a homosexual organization and he has also claimed that gays were responsible for the Rwandan Genocide.

He famously traveled to Uganda to urge the further suppression of the LGBTI community there prior to the drafting of the so-called Kill The Gays bill there and is being sued over that by Sexual Minorities Uganda in the US Federal Court.

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