Scott Mills, BBC’s top gay DJ, leaves prime slot

Scott Mills, Radio 1’s top DJ shifts from prime commuter evening slot to lunchtime show, replaced by Greg James

Scott Mills, BBC’s top gay DJ, leaves prime slot
28 February 2012

Britain’s most famous openly gay DJ is moving from his prime-time slot on BBC Radio 1.

Scott Mills will be trading his weekday 4pm to 7pm commuter ‘drivetime’ timeslot with Greg James from 2 April.

He will instead take over Greg James’ current show from 1pm to 4pm.

Industry experts say the move is to pave the way for James to take over from Chris Moyles as the breakfast show host when Moyles leaves in due course.

It may be seen by some as a demotion for Mills who was once touted for Moyles’ show himself and has filled in successfully for Moyles on many occasions.

However, it could free up Mills for TV work – his BBC documentary last year, The Worst Place To Be Gay?, won him an award from Stonewall, Britain’s leading lesbian, gay and bisexual organization.

Mills started as a DJ at just 16 on PowerFM in Hampshire, southern England, after bombarding them with demo tapes.

He joined Radio 1 in 1998 starting on the 4am to 7am pre-Breakfast show before eventually moving to the early evening slot.

Mills came out as gay to the press in 2001 to avoid speculation. He rarely discusses his sexuality on the show but he has been increasingly open about it in recent years, contributing to gay magazines in Britain.

When he came out he told The Guardian: ‘I'd just like to be accepted as a normal bloke who is gay and is on the radio and the television.’



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