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Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain issues dire warning about gay marriage

'The good and strength of human society would be harmed beyond repair'

Seattle archbishop J. Peter Sartain has posted a video on his church's website issuing a dire warning about gay marriage in the state of Washington.

'To suddenly change the God-given and time honored understanding of marriage would be a very harmful thing for our state and for the world,' he says. 'Should marriage be redefined in our state the very foundational nature of marriage for the good and strength of human society would be harmed beyond repair.'

The state is heading toward a November vote on whether or not to affirm the marriage equality law passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor earlier this year. The pending vote has resulted in the law being put on hold.

Sartain says his views, 'as disciples of the lord Jesus,' are in solidarity with other archbishops in the state.

'We urge our Catholic people to uphold our consistent Catholic teaching on marriage for the good of the Church, society, husbands and wives and their children,' he says. 'Therefore, we bishops reject the redefinition of marriage as a 'civil contract between two persons.'

He insists the church is opposed to discrimination based on sexual orientation in one breath then says: 'Redefining marriage as a means of dealing with important issues of equality and respect for all persons will not achieve the goal of defending the rights of all and would overturn centuries of common law.'

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