Second Republican Senator indicates she may come to support marriage equality

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski says her views on same-sex marriage are evolving just weeks after colleague Senator Rob Portman backs marriage equality

Second Republican Senator indicates she may come to support marriage equality
29 March 2013

Same-sex marriage may soon have a second Republican supporter in the US Senate after Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski said her views on the issue were evolving.

‘The term “evolving view” has been perhaps overused, but I think it is an appropriate term for me to use,’ Murkowski told the Chugiak Eagle River Star.

‘I think it’s important to acknowledge that there is a change afoot in this country in terms of how marriage is viewed.’

‘I’ve got two young sons who, when I ask them and their friends how they feel about gay marriage, kinda give me one of those looks like, ‘Gosh mom, why are you even asking that question?”’

Murkowski, who has previously voted to support constitutional amendments defining marriage as being between a man and a woman only, said her constituents’ views would weigh heavily on her decision.

‘It may be that Alaska will come to revisit its position on gay marriage, and as a policy maker I am certainly reviewing that very closely.’

US President Barack Obama famously said his view on the issue was ‘evolving’ in 2010 and since then the term has become somewhat of a euphemism for politicians who are testing the waters around announcing support of marriage equality.

Murkowski’s comments come on the heels of Republican Senator Rob Portman announcing his support for marriage equality and all but 10 Democratic senators announcing their support on the issue.



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