Seeing revolution, dignity and equality in eyewear

GSN have their eyes on the prize of these charitable sunnies 

Seeing revolution, dignity and equality in eyewear
01 May 2012

Imagine a future so bright, everyone has to wear shades.

GSN sees a dazzling time ahead, since Westward Leaning donates $10 (€7.5) to charity for every pair sold.

The San Francisco-based duo of Robert Denning and Karlygash Burkibayeva named each model after a celebrated person, place or organization.

The proceeds go to a cause related to the name of each pair of universally flattering, unisex sunglasses.

Our favorite has to be the SOLD-OUT No. 6 model 525 Castro, which  commemorates the life of Harvey Milk, America's first out gay politician. Before rocking the polls, Milk owned and operated a camera shop on 525 Castro Street.

If you love the look, fear not, for Westward Leaning will have this model in stock within the next one to two weeks. To reserve a pair (and be notified just before they go on sale), email [email protected]

Using the Wayfarer style made popular the world over by artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna and movies like Risky Business and The Breakfast Club, the eyewear company is taking charity to new heights. 



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