Sex slaves trafficked from Kenya to Qatar

Kenyan gay magazine, Identity, makes human trafficking and abuse claims

Sex slaves trafficked from Kenya to Qatar
23 December 2011

Sex slaves are being trafficked from Kenya to the Middle East, according to reports in a Kenyan gay magazine.

Identity magazine has spoken to Kenyan students who say they have been lured from universities to Gulf states with the promise of jobs.

The magazine says that universities are being targeted, particularly the respected Kenyatta University.

Students are desperate to leave Kenya due to unemployment and will pay a processing fee and fill out a form stating the jobs they want.

They are offered clerical work, jobs with airlines and the possibility of earning millions as high-class escorts.

But when they arrive in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia they are forced into humiliating and sadistic abuse.

One young Kenyan told Identity that he was promised a job with Qatar airways, but fell into the hands of traffickers.

He said: ‘I was beaten, urinated on and even one time someone defecated on me. All this time I was being abused sexually and some even inserted hands and objects into my anus.’

He has said that five other men travelled with him, but they were separated at the airport and he fears for their safety.

Identity claims there is a complex network of traffickers working with immigration officials to get these men into the Middle East.

Gay and lesbian university group Q-initiative in Eldocet said that they were not aware of the case Identity magazine highlighted and assume that recruitment only happens at universities in Nairobi.

Qatar is on the US Department of State watch list for showing no evidence of progress in addressing human trafficking.

Kenya introduced trafficking legislation last year, but because homosexuality is illegal in the Arab states and Kenya victims are unable to report abuse to police.



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