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Shayne Ward speaks out for gay marriage

Rock of Ages and X Factor star jokes he would give MPs a 'big slap' if he was leader
Shayne Ward, star of X Factor and West End musical Rock of Ages, has spoken out for gay marriage

Rock of Ages and X Factor star Shayne Ward has spoken out for gay marriage.

In an interview with the Co-operative's LGBT network Respect, the British singer said everyone should be able to get married.

Known for his hot body and smooth vocals, Ward joked if he was made leader of the UK government then he ‘would give them all a big slap’.

He said: ‘It is disgusting people are so against people wanting to be happy.

‘Everyone should be able to marry their partner and everyone should have the right to love who they want to. Those against it need to wake up.’

Ward shot to fame when he won series 2 of The X Factor, releasing the number one single ‘That’s My Goal’.

In June this year, he was chosen to star as Stacee Jaxx in West End musical Rock of Ages.

Before X Factor, Ward was in a band for four and a half years with a lesbian couple.

He said: ‘Since starting out I have always had a huge response from my gay fans. I’ve played G.A.Y and the response has been positive all over the world. I am a regular down Soho and find it really friendly and nice.’ 

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