Sherlock Holmes has gay affair with Watson

Classic novels from the 19th century, including Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, will have 'missing' sexy scenes added

Sherlock Holmes has gay affair with Watson
17 July 2012

Sherlock Holmes will have a gay affair with his crime busting sidekick Dr Watson in a new erotic version of the classic tale.

Fans of the super sleuth have long speculated as to whether the relationship between the world famous detectives was more than just a beautiful bromance.

Now publishers Total-E-Bound are planning to solve this mystery with a raunchy edition of Sir Author Conan Doyle’s best-selling story.

But Holmes is just one of a number of 19-century literary classics to get a sexy e-book makeover, with Jayne Eyre set to have ‘explosive sex with Mr Rochester’ and Wuthering Heights heroine Catherine Earnshaw to ‘enjoy bondage sessions’ with Heathcliff.

The publishers say the raunchy reads will attract a ‘younger generation’ to the novels, but assured fans of the originals that they are not re-writing the classics and the original prose will not be changed.

‘We want to enhance the novels by adding the "missing" scenes for readers to enjoy,’ Claire Siemaszkiewicz, founder of Total-E-Bound Publishing, told the Coventry Telegraph.

She added: ‘I’ve often wondered whether the Bronte sisters, if they were alive today, would have gone down the erotic romance route. There’s a lot of underlying sexual tension in their stories.

‘Charlotte Bronte was a bold, forward-thinking lady for her time. There’s so much sexual tension and eroticism there.’

The racy new versions will be available to download from 30 July.



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