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Shocking death threat to 5 year old actress after her Disney TV show featured lesbian moms

'Die Mia, F**king Die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die,' stated one threat on Mia Talerico's Instagram account
Photo: The Disney Channel

Los Angeles police are investigating online death threats being made against 5 year old Mia Talerico believed to be connected to her show on The Disney Channel featuring two lesbian moms.

Talerico, one of the stars of the sitcom Good Luck Charlie, began to receive threats on her Instagram account including one, according to TMZ, which stated to the: 'Die Mia, F**king Die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die.'

Also sent was a photo of the kindergartener's head with a bloody fist covering and the message: 'Yes, kill you stupid bitch.'

Talerico's mother contacted police.

The actress plays Charlie Duncan on the series.

In the 26 January episode, series parents Amy and Bob Duncan set up a playdate for their preschooler Charlie and one of her new friends and get confused over the name of the mother.

Amy says it’s Susan and Bob says it’s Cheryl. When the two moms show up at their door with with daughter, it becomes clear that they are both right.

The parents react non-chalantly as the moms enter the house.

The tension in the episode is not from the fact that the women are lesbians but from one of them being stuck listening to dull stories told by Bob and the other continually cuts Amy off.

The lesbian characters wee part of a one-time subplot on the episode.

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