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Shooting attack on Moscow’s Central Station gay nightclub

The patrons of one of Russia’s best known gay nightclubs were subjected to a shooting attack on Saturday night in what the club owners say is just the latest in a series of provocations
A still from the security camera footage
Photo by Life News

Two men shot up Moscow’s Central Station gay night club on Saturday but nobody was injured during the attack.

The men reportedly first began harassing patrons outside the club around 5am and then attempted to gain entry to the club.

When security refused them entry to the night club they produced a fire arm and shots were fired.

The club’s owners told Russia’s Life News that they believed the attack was an ‘extremist act of hate or hostility towards persons belonging to a particular social group.’

They say the attack is just the latest in a string of provocations which they believe are aimed at getting them to move out of the club and suspect the perpetrators have financial gain in mind.

Last month a sign was placed in front of the club reading ‘GAY CLUB ENTRANCE’ while in another incident loud speakers were placed near the club playing the Boris Moiseyev song Blue Moon on repeat.

The owners of the club fear the campaign against them is aimed at getting them to vacate the building so that it can be redeveloped.

Security cameras captured the shooting incident and the footage has been handed to police.

However the club’s owners say they have repeatedly called on police and local government to ensure the campaign of harassment against them stops.

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