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Shop stops trans bride from trying on wedding dresses

Trans woman filing formal complaint after she was stopped from trying on dresses in a bridal shop in Canada
A trans woman shows off her beautiful wedding dress where she received excellent service.
Photo via CBC News.

A Canadian bridal shop stopped a transgender woman from trying on wedding dresses.

Rohit Singh, from Saskatoon in southern Canada, says she asked to try on a dress in Jenny’s Bridal Boutique and was refused.

The shop owner thought Singh was a man and said other people in the store would be uncomfortable with Singh trying on a dress, CBC News reports.

‘She said, “Sorry we don’t allow men to wear dresses here”,’ Singh said. ‘I said I’m not a man, I’m transgender.’

Singh is now planning on filing a formal complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

‘It might happen to some other transgender that might come to the store and she will hurt the same,’ she said. ‘It so embarrassed me and my husband.’

Singh added: ‘Discrimination. I’m damn sure it’s discrimination.’

The bridal shop owner says she stands by her decision, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

She said: ‘He looked like a man. There was quite a few brides in the store. If you see a man trying on dresses, you’re going to feel uncomfortable.

Singh found a red gown at My Lynh Bridal, just a six minute drive away, where she described the service as excellent. She got married on Monday (29 April).

In March, Canada’s House of Commons passed a bill making it illegal to discriminate against transgender people.

It is now awaiting a second reading in the Senate, but is awaiting a sponsor for the bill. Until one is chosen, it will not be discussed.

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That's rude. It's part of shopping, they shouldn't be doing that to customers.

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I don't think the shop made a very good decision when they stopped her from trying on the wedding dresses, they've lost a potential customer by doing that. If I were in he shoes I would get the wedding dress accessories on OccasionsByElena, they have excellent customer service and they wouldn't turn away clients.

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I think this is wrong such discrimination should not be made.They also have all the rights to try or purchase dresses from shop.