Shopping goes social with Shopcade Facebook app

Shopping with your friends. What's not to like? We look at the new Facebook app that brings social shopping to your computer

Shopping goes social with Shopcade Facebook app
03 April 2012

Shopping online has just got sociable. A new Facebook app, called Shopcade, aims to bring shopping and social networking together for the first time.

Until now buying on the internet was quick and easy but not much fun. Can Shopcade change that? Well, that's for you to decide. But what it does do is let you share and discuss things with your mates before you buy, even if they’re miles away. And being able to see what products are popular and trending among your friends means you’re always up to date with what’s cool.

There's 40 million products from 27,000 brands on Shopcade but it's nowhere near as overwhelming as that. The app looks at the things you've already 'liked' on Facebook to tailor its suggestions to you, right off the bat.

It's kind of like having a personal shopper, but one you don't have to explain your lifestory to already – 'cos Mark Zuckerberg already knows your deepest secrets.

Searching by category, brands, people and deals makes using the app easy and fun. Recommending things to friends is simple and, best of all, you earn a real cash commission from each sale and purchase.

The 'beta' version (testing version to non-geeks) has attracted celebrity endorsement with Caggie Dunlop from British reality TV show Made in Chelsea already a fan.

She says: ‘Shopcade is really user friendly; it literally brings shopping straight to Facebook, and as I like to shop around for products it is so easy to access from one central point.’

Shopcade is free and ready to go on Facebook, join the community and getting shopping now. And don't blame GSN if you end up spending all your pocket money.



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