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The short films of BFI Flare 2017

Emerging filmmakers from around the world test their skills and demonstrate their craft at London's LGBTI film festival

The short films of BFI Flare 2017
Image courtesy of BFI
Heavy Weight

A quick round-up of some of the short films we’ve been able to catch during the BFI Flare film festival in London:


  • Directed by Anthony Doncque, France
  • A troubled boy in his last year at school develops a passion for a young teaching assistant.
  • Beautifully observed exploration of emerging sexuality.

3 Friends

  • Directed by Michael Moody Culpepper, Ireland
  • Based on the short story Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín.
  • After his mother’s funeral in rural Ireland, Fergus is taken to a techno rave by the sea outside Dublin with Mick, Alan and Conal.
  • Subtle storytelling as friendship turns into something more.

An Afternoon

  • Directed by Søren Green, Denmark
  • Having slept together for the first time, two teenage boys must make sense of their evolving relationship.
  • Perfectly captures the thrilling and terrifying uncertainty of discovering what your heart wants.

Hattie Goes Cruising

  • Directed by Konstantin Bock, United States
  • An ageing African-American couple give a how-to on cruising and what it was like being young, queer and pretty in 1970s and 1980s New York.


  • Directed by Christopher Manning, England
  • After chatting to a guy online, Jamie makes the bold step to meet up with him in person.
  • A glimpse into the challenges that young gay men are still grappling with.


  • Directed by André Santos, Portugal
  • An unexpected afternoon at the beach for a teenage boy and his mother.
  • A sexy and sultry study of a young Portuguese guy who knows what he wants.


  • Directed by Peter Ahlen, Denmark
  • A precocious teenager is looking for love on a dating site but can he tell the difference between love and sex?
  • I love the Danish.

Still Burning

  • Directed by Nick Rowley, France
  • A young migrant from Guadeloupe on the French vogue scene cares for his younger brother who is getting ready for his first ball.
  • Continuing the chronicles of the ballroom culture that has now spread around the world.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

  • Directed by Harry Lighton, England
  • Two brothers take a road trip to Hastings, where one of them has arranged a discreet hook-up.
  • Set in 1994, this is a beautifully observed tale of brotherly love and acceptance.

The Hares

  • Martin Rodriguez Redondo, Argentina
  • A boy is faced with a difficult decision when his father insists on taking him hunting.
  • A poignant story that subtly illustrates the complexity of father/son relationships.

We Love Moses

  • Directed by Dionne Edwards, England
  • Twelve-year-old Ella discovers a secret about her brother’s best friend.
  • Beautifully told story about the challenges of navigating sexuality and school when you’re growing up.

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